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About us, Dermot and Sue Allen and our dog friendly holiday cottages. We started with the Old Forge running it for friends in 2005. In 2007/8 we were able to develop our own holiday accommodation, The Old Piggery. The Garden Room was added, belonging to another friend and the success of these prompted a further request to add Red Roofs at Hickling which has been doing very well. In 2012 we are embarking on our next project, New Barn. It isn't new at all (approx 180 years old) but it will be a fabulous new addition to our dog friendly holiday accommodation. Keep watching this space....!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Are you sitting comfortably? This is where the story begins

Jan 1994 - We buy and move into Gothic Cottage in East Ruston and settle comfortably into the country life. Next door is a huge threshing barn, overgrown with ivy, an old stock yard full of half grown trees separating the barn from the cottage. There is a scrap of rough land out the back and we are surrounded by fields. We often look at the barn and ponder how lovely it would be to own it and some land of our own. When we take a visit to the records office to find out more about our old cottage we see that the cottage has, in the past, been part of a farm complete with the barn. About 150 years ago the whole set up was called 'New Barn Farm' Ten years pass.........


Blogger mum said...

Fascinating story of hard work
paying off and bringing much
satisfaction. Keep up the good
work! (both with the barn and blog!)

12:05 PM  
Blogger Beltons4 said...

Derm Sue and friends.

Nice to see the story about the build up .
We remember your yummy chops on the barby .Keep them Lammbs a ridin .
Hope to see you all soon

Col+ Sal

2:22 PM  

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