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About us, Dermot and Sue Allen and our dog friendly holiday cottages. We started with the Old Forge running it for friends in 2005. In 2007/8 we were able to develop our own holiday accommodation, The Old Piggery. The Garden Room was added, belonging to another friend and the success of these prompted a further request to add Red Roofs at Hickling which has been doing very well. In 2012 we are embarking on our next project, New Barn. It isn't new at all (approx 180 years old) but it will be a fabulous new addition to our dog friendly holiday accommodation. Keep watching this space....!

Monday, February 13, 2012

On why we don't have a tv.

There are very few things in life that are a dead cert.  Death and taxes are the two that immediately spring to mind.  But I can add another - the reaction of people when we mention we don't have a tele.  1.  You don't have a tele? (said with varying degrees of incredulity) and 2.  Well, we don't watch a lot of tele (said with varying degrees of conviction and somewhat defensively!)

We haven't had a tele for about 6 years now and haven't missed it once.  Obviously all the holiday cottages have teles, with freeview and DVD players and all that stuff.  Wouldn't think to do otherwise (although we did toy, briefly, with idea of making the Piggery tv free!)  We don't have a daily paper either but we don't miss out on the news as we have the radio on all day.  In the evening the internet really is our entertainment.  Obviously we can watch tv programmes on iPlayer and similar but we rarely do unless it's something very highly recommended.  We use the time that would perhaps be spent in front of the box to research stuff, email people, update the website and blog, do stuff on the cottages Facebook page, post on forums, Tweet (@eastrustoncottages) a bit, more research, shop and play the occasional game of online Scrabble!  We have busy, full days even more so now that the barn build has started so need the evenings to catch up with other stuff that can't be done outside in the dark.  So no time for the goggle box.  Why not try it?  You might like the freedom it gives you to do more interesting things!


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